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Top Tips For PMP Exam Preparation!


Preparing for your PMP exam or PMP certification can be a little intimidating. You need to know many things, but it can be challenging to figure out where to start. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to help you the PMP exam preparation or PMP certification, this article is for you!

This PMP certification is a professional certification earned by those in the project management industry. The certificate will prove your skill in various project management areas and can significantly benefit new professionals or those looking to advance their careers.

For this certification, applicants can show their knowledge of a wide range of project management topics and prove that they possess essential skills in executing projects.

Hence, knowing the right PMP preparation tips will help you pass your exam and get PMP certification to show on your resume. You can find these tips in this article, including the PMP exam or certification and top tips for your PMP exam preparation.

So, let’s get started!

What Is PMP Certification/ PMP Exam?


PMP certification is an indicator that proves that the holder of this qualification (PMI Certified Project Management Professional) has the skills and knowledge to manage a project successfully.

This PMP certificate is widely recognized and accepted by employers, professional organizations, and other individuals looking for candidates with comprehensive project management skills.

To become certified, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements and pass four qualification exams covering the following subject areas:

  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
  • Business Management
  • Project Management Practices
  • Ethics & Professional Conduct.

The PMP exam is one of the most challenging exams in the world. There are no shortcuts or magic bullets when it comes to passing. However, aPMP certification is essential for any professional who manages projects regularly. 

However, with hard work, determination, focus, and support from your peers, you can pass the exam. Just make sure you manage your time correctly and stay well-rested!

Tips To Prepare For Your PMP Exam


The PMP Exam is challenging but doable. You need to be well-prepared and have a sound support system of cheering you on.

To be successful in your PMP exam, all you need is proper planning and execution of that plan. But learning the material can be challenging, but it’s possible to know enough in one month to pass the exam with proper study methods. 

Here are some tips:

1. Determination

Determination is the key factor for preparing for any professional examination and PMP preparations. If you want to prepare yourself well, the determination should be at its peak level. It would help if you had determination towards your career and preparation for the PMP exam.

2. Choose A Good Study Option

These days many professional institutes now offer PMP preparation classes through their training arm and their website. You can attend a classroom course, self-study, or take online tests and simulations to prepare for your PMP exam. Online courses offer a cost-effective option, but regular classroom classes are preferable if you have the means and time.

3. Create A PMP Study Plan

Plan ahead of time what you are going to study and when you will study it. If you create this plan, you will focus your attention and energy on looking for the PMP exam. The best way to create a PMP study plan is to identify how much time each area requires. This is one of the most challenging steps because many people know they should have a PMP study plan but never actually sit down and develop one.

4. Read PMBOK At Least Twice

The first time you will not understand it much. Don’t worry; this is normal for everyone. It’s a big book with loads of information about project management and standards. You can never expect to understand all of the information in the first go entirely. Just read it through once, from beginning to end, and try to know what you come across. The second time you read it much more carefully, you are now studying for your PMP certification exam and don’t want to miss anything important.

5. PMP Prep Book

Find a well-written and updated prep book that will guide you through taking the test, understanding the concepts covered, and helping you answer the questions. Use the latest version of this book to ensure you are up to date with all changes in the program. Please do not use a book that has no updates or new information. The most important thing is that you go through your PMP prep book and understand how test questions are designed before taking your exam. If a question doesn’t make sense on paper, it won’t make sense on your test either.  

6. Get Organized

Start gathering all your materials so you can pass your exams as well as possible on the first try! Not only do you need these materials to succeed on your exam, but they are also essential tools to manage your project.

7. Practice

One of the biggest things that people lack is confidence in project management. Practice does help with this, and we recommend getting at least one or two projects underway for each topic you are studying for the exam (you may have a lot more than six months if you are looking for the five-year PMP exam). You can practice using any method you prefer, from creating simple Excel or Word spreadsheets.

PMP approved updated content cover topics mentioned below: –


Scope of Exam

The revised PMP exam pattern will comply on three domains – People , Process, and Business Environment as compared to the old pattern based on five domains.

Weightage distribution is also revised in PMP updated content structure.

People domain will cover the 42%, Process will apply over 50% and Business Environment will cover the 8% area of the certification.

As per the exam questions, new content also include agile methodoligies in order to better prepare the project managers for their roles and responsibilities

As a PMP aspirant, you are going to encounter almost 50% questions of the exam from Agile and Hybrid methodologies. So it will be favorable if you prepare yourself in advance for the same.

PMP Mock Test And Simulations

From initial phase to the completion of your PMP Certification is one of a kind experience. It’s something you’ve never experienced before in your career. From applying to training and final exam, there are many steps, hurdles, precautions and other things to take care of. Do not take it lightly, It’s a costly exam demanding your 100% attention for several weeks.

One of the major area in your PMP journey is Mock tests and Simulations. PMP exam preparation is almost 4 hours long with 180 hefty questions. Apart from the theoretical or practical knowledge, you need to be psychologically prepared in order to clear your exam in first attempt. You can’t afford to be nervous or stuck in the middle of the examination. Remember, If you aren’t able to make it through the first attempt, You have to pay a heavy amount in order to appear for the exam again.

So it’s highly suggested that you go through the Mock tests and simulation to increase your chances of clearing PMP certification.

Based on latest PMP examination content outline, Mock test and PMP simulations are just like the real exam. The only difference is you don’t have to worry in case you can’t clear the same.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to boost your confidence and increase your moral for the PMP examination.

Moreover, Mock test also helps you to work on your speed as answering 180 questions in 4 hrs with the exam pressure is quite challenging so if you give some mock prior to your actual exam, it’s always beneficial.

There will be questions similar designed by team of PMP credential holders equally distributed in each domain as compared to the real exam.

By going through the same you can:-

  1. Build your confidence with realistic and accurate exam questions.
  2. Work over your time management strategy by attempting the question under actual exam conditions.
  3. Track your progress on any topic with dedicated quizzes.
  4. Identify your areas of Improvement
  5. Study in the most relevant way

Each and every question under the mock test comes with a comprehensive detailed explanation for both correct and incorrect answers. The professionals working over the mock tests and simulators are constantly updating the material in a synchronized manner with real PMP exam.

Hundreds of Sample question, Full Length Mock test, Quizzes and flash card an much more can help you clear your PMP exam in single attempt.

It’s not necessary to go through the same but it’s highly required to complete your PMP examination under desired deadline.


The PMP Exam is complicated. It’s passed by only about one in five people, and it’s not easy to cram for, either. However, if you follow our advice on how to prepare for the exam, do your research on what to study, and spend enough time studying, you’ll be able to pass your exam with ease.

Since the PMP Exam is a rigorous test designed to ensure you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a project manager. There are many avenues to prepare for the exam, but you’ll need to be disciplined about your study plan. We hope these tips will provide some guidance on getting started on preparing for the exam.

Finally, it would help if you thought about how your life may change after taking the exam. You will probably need to adjust your work schedule or even quit some of your hobbies, but this might still be worth it if it gets you the certification that you want.

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