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8 Best PRINCE2® Certification Books for Preparation

PRINCE2® Books – With the increased demand for project management professionals and projects, Project Management is becoming a growing need across different industries. There are plenty of organizations looking to hire qualified, experienced project managers. There are plenty of PRINCE2® courses online and offline. People have complete freedom to choose the best online method based on their experience level, area of interest, etc.

PRINCE2® is one of the most reliable and widely recognized project management certifications. There are more than a million PRINCE2® certified professionals across over 150 countries.

Adding a credential is one way to get ahead in the project management field. The PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam is a good option for anyone with no prerequisites. While you may take a Certified Course by a Partner of AXELOS, there is also a self-study option. PRINCE2 is not just about the principles and processes. And it’s also about understanding how PRINCE2 fits into an organization’s overall project management process.

PRINCE2® is an international project management framework that provides benefits and encourages change according to the needs of individual projects. It is essential to understand PRINCE2® before starting a project or as one changes or grows with time. It would be best if you also had a general understanding of the PRINCE2® framework before enrolling in a course, or we provide resources for clarification and education related to this process.

Different resources can help you pass the exam in AXELOS. From the procedure to the way the exams are formatted to their blog posts and podcasts, there are many ways you can get help. Remember to ask your training provider for further advice as well. A wide range of books will help you feel more confident about the exam.

List of some of the best PRINCE2® books.

There are many PRINCE2® books available that will help you understand the PRINCE2® framework. We have shortlisted a few PRINCE2® Books for PRINCE2® Certification and Exam preparation to make your decision easier.

These books are not listed here based on any rankings, and you can pick one or more books depending on your requirement and interests.

Book NameAuthor
PRINCE2® for Beginners: PRINCE2® self-study for Certification & Project ManagementBryan Mathis
PRINCE2® Foundation Study GuideFrank Turley
PRINCE2® for DummiesNick Graham
PRINCE2® for value-Driven Project Management: AXELOS Full License AXTMC033Pankaj Sharma
PRINCE2® Quick Reference CardHenny Portmann
PRINCE2® Made SimpleLan Lawton
9 PRINCE2 Books

PRINCE2 Agile®


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Author – AXELOS

The book covers agile basics, PRINCE2® basics and has a helpful section on what to fix and flex. It also includes information about applying the principles, themes, and processes in an agile way. It offers tips about managing product delivery as well.

This third part looks at areas of particular focus for PRINCE2 Agile®. The Agilometer and managing communications, releases, and contracts are just a few topics important to the process. There are plenty of diagrams, and I found it easy to read because Keith Richards is one of the authors, and that gives me immense confidence in the quality.

Mastering Principles and Practices in PMBOK®, PRINCE2®, and Scrum: Using Essential Project Management Methods to Deliver Effective and Efficient Projects (FT Press Project Management)

This is the perfect book to help you in the transition to PRINCE2®. The book covers the basics and delves into how each method can complement the other, how they are best integrated, and how to troubleshoot any project using one prescribed form. This book is focused on process and will help you with all aspects of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2® Handbook


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Author – AXELOS

The PRINCE2® Handbook is another official AXELOS publication.

The PRINCE2® Handbook is an official publication of the AXELOS company. It condenses the whole of the ‘proper’ manual into a smaller format and acts as your quick reference guide.

It is only a quick reference guide. It can help you memorize information for exams, but it isn’t anything like the textbook.

PRINCE2® for Beginners: PRINCE2® self-study for Certification & Project Management


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Author – Bryan Mathis

This book can help you understand the Principles, Relationships, and Practices of PRINCE2® in a practical manner. This is more suitable if you are new to PRINCE2® and are looking for some information on the 6th Edition.

Bryan Mathis is an experienced Project Manager who has worked in traditional and agile project management. He has managed software development projects for both product and service-based organizations.

PRINCE2® Foundation Study Guide


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Author – Frank Turley

The foundation exam is your first step toward the PRINCE2® Certification. This book teaches you everything you need to learn to pass the exam, and you will find plenty of other resources if you need anything else to give the exam.

PRINCE2® For Dummies


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Author – Nick Graham

This book helps those interested in PRINCE2® Certification by explaining its purpose, how it works, and why it is essential. With this in mind, this book will guide you through each step of your project, so you learn more about planning, job roles, quality control, and how to close out your project correctly.

PRINCE2® for Value-Driven Project Management: AXELOS Full License AXTMC033


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Author – Pankaj Sharma

This is a comprehensive guide on how to apply the principles of PRINCE2® . It uses easy-to-understand real-world examples to provide extra insight into questions you might be asked in your examination.

PRINCE2® Quick Reference Card


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Author -Henny Portmann

Quick Reference Card PRINCE2® Book is a guide on implementing PRINCE2® in your project, and it is meant for those who want to learn about the best practices and effective ways of managing a project. The guide is conveniently available in both English and German and includes five quick reference cards that you can use to learn how to explain project concepts.

PRINCE2® Made Simple


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Author – Ian Lawton

This study guide is straightforward, filled with informal writing that condenses a lot of information into the pages. It doesn’t have sample questions, but it does a great job explaining the principles and processes of PRINCE2®.

It’s also reasonably priced! However, if you’re interested in learning more about preparing for the Foundation exam, you might find it lacking. If you have an excellent course of study from your training provider, that would be sufficient.

Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® is essential for directing successful projects. The course offers a lot of background information about project context and details on how to make the most of PRINCE2® on your projects.

Choosing the PRINCE2® Books

Consider what version of the PRINCE2® manual the book you want to get will align with. There are a few different versions of manuals floating around, and make sure that you pick up the latest one.

Next, take some time to think about what other materials you may need for your PRINCE2® Training course. For example, if you are studying on your own, it is crucial to have access to reading material ahead of time to prepare for the exam fully. However, too many books can back up more things for you to get done, which is probably best spent practicing questions on practice exams instead.

The cost of these resources varies. Some are available for electronic download, some in traditional book format, and you can purchase some. If you consider a PRINCE2® certification, these books can help make the process easy to understand. If you already have a PRINCE2® certificate, this is an excellent way to enhance your knowledge.

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