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Best PMP Exam Books in 2023

According to the PMI (Project Management Institute), the demand for PMP® Certified professionals is high because of the rising importance of project management. With more than 2 million new professionals entering PM positions needed every year until 2030, there’s plenty of opportunity for those who possess this certification. And according to, a certified professional on average earns a staggering INR 2 Million per year salary.

The PMP exam is wide and diverse, with many skills that range from best practices to a wide range of personal experiences. Some people try to rely on one book for everything, but that’s a recipe for failure. Smart students refer to various books and resources, testing what they’ve learned. Then they use their findings to create the most robust test experience possible. Here are some of the best PMP exam books you should be aware of!

Here’s a list of the 5 best PMP Exam books for helping you pass your test.


Acquiring PMP certification is an extensive process that must be completed before attempting the exam. The exam closely examines a candidate’s knowledge of project management through 180 questions to be completed within 230 minutes. These two books use project management principles and their real-world applications to help you understand the subject more thoroughly.

#1 Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep, 10th Edition Upgraded

Rita Mulcahy and Patti Frazee’s study guide on the 537-page PMP exam includes full content on project process, including agile, integration, stakeholders, and communication. The book also covers exercises and proven study techniques to help you prepare for the exam. It includes a license to an online PMP exam simulator that can be used once you purchase the guide.
Rita Mulcahy was the founder of RMC Learning Solutions and an expert on project management techniques. She was also a prolific author and public speaker before her death in 2010. After Mulcahy’s passing, RMC Project Management took charge of editing and updating the book as per new requirements.

Key Features
• Comprehensive content
• Tricks for passing the exams
• Time-saving study tips
• Methods to identify gaps in your knowledge
• Free access to an online PMP exam simulator

#2 PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal

The newest edition of this PMP exam book has information for the latest PMP exam. It covers agile, predictive, and hybrid project management. The 478 page book contains valuable, easy-to-understand content.
Andrew Ramdayal is a project management professional with over 15 years of experience. He has overseen numerous projects for his company and also has a master’s degree in Management Information Systems. With his skills and education, he’s an excellent mentor as you take the next step in your IT career.

Key Features:
• Includes questions and answers for each chapter
• Comprises exam tips
• Has a full-length mock exam
• Gives free access to video courses through which you can earn 35 hours of PDU and fulfill the exam requirement.
• Features testimonials of first-time takers who passed the exam

#3 PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, 10th Edition by Kim Heldman

This book is a great resource for anyone looking to pass the PMP exam or get a head start on their career as a project manager. 12 chapters provide a thorough understanding of topics like what PMPs do, how they’re different than traditional managers, and more. Perfect for both studying and reference.
Kim Heldman is a Project Management Professional, who has directed and overseen trillions of dollars’ worth of projects. After 25 years of experience, she’s published articles about IT project management and authored two books.

Key Features
• Explains how to develop project plans, budgets, and schedules, engage stakeholders, identify risks, and build a team. The workshop also teaches you how to procure resources.
• Has a preliminary assessment test
• End-of-chapter questions
• Access to online learning tools
• Covers agile and other iterative processes
• Practice exams and electronic flashcards

#4 Fundamentals of Technology Project Management, 2nd Edition by Colleen Garton with Erika McCulloch

The IT Project Handbook is written for engineers, IT professionals, and students who are working in a technical environment. It’s a practical handbook that will guide you through the nook and cranny of handling projects in this arena. It’s aligned with the PMBOK® Guide and has some light humor to keep things more engaging.

Colleen Garton is the former manager/director of Intuit and FICO, with 2+ decades of experience in project management. Her expertise lies in technical project management, and she’s also the owner of Garton Consulting Group. Erika McCulloch is an associate professor with two decades’ worth of teaching experience, specializing in project management, strategic management, and other technology topics.

Key Features:
• Comprehensive content that aligns with the PMP certification requirement
• Provides examples, case studies, templates, and sample documents to help lead projects
• Covers a variety of modern challenges, including the use of social media and virtual work.
• Includes a total of 60 templates that lead technology professionals through the six phases of the project life cycle

#5 Head First PMP, 4th Edition by Jennifer Greene, Andrew Stellman

This PMP exam book has everything you need to know on 924 pages. The knowledge areas covered in the exam are almost all included. It also includes a chapter explaining why obtaining certification is important.
Stellman and Greene Consulting was founded by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman, who are both Project Management Professionals. They’re also software engineers, with academic research in the area of Software Development Training and Services.

Key Features:
• Testimonials from readers who passed the PMP exams
• A unique visual format that makes learning more effective and memorable
• Features attention-grabbing graphics
• Adequate practice questions

Clear PMP Exam in a Single Go!

Passing the PMP exam shows that you have the necessary skills to lead a project team and manage projects successfully. You are also aware of the critical connection between projects and business goals.

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