New PMP® Exam 2016 Commences – So What’s Actually New


®Exam commenced on January 12th, 2016. Many PMP Aspirants are worried about the so called “big changes” that has happened to the exam questions and wondering if the PMP® Exam Preparation resources {i.e. Training (online, face-to-face, elearning), PMP® mock questions and exam prep books} are still relevant for the new PMP® Exam. Some of them are hesitating to take the new PMP® Exam for the time being. Here is a piece of good news for all PMP® aspirants.

Fortunately, there are quite a few people who are brave enough to take the new PMP® Exam and generous enough to share their lessons learned. I am collating few of their lessons learned.

As you can read from this and other PMP® Exam lessons learned for the new PMP® Exam 2016, the changes are just not major ones. The good news is PMP® Aspirants can still rely on current PMP® Exam Preparation books and mock exams to ace the new PMP® Exam! Just know that there are more questions on Stakeholder Management, Communication Management and about the Project Charter.

Recommended preparation plan:

  • Attend a classroom training being conducted by experienced PMP® Trainers. (only if you have not attended any). If you have attended any training based on Guide to PMBOK 5th edition, that will hold good.
  • For post training preparation you can use the following:
    • Headfirst PMP® book.
    • Rita’s PMP® book (preferably the updated one).
    • Rita’s Questions.
    • Mock Questions from authenticated sources (More questions you attempt the better prepared you are).
  • PDF version of the Guide to PMBOK 5th Edition (given free with PMI® membership).

Follow a plan and stick to it. I have already shared the plan in one of my webinars and blogs which I had used in my endeavor to become PMP® Certified (

Golden rule to pass PMP® exam is 4Ps (Preparation, Practice, Practice, & Practice).

So what’s the actual new PMP® Exam?

Many questions from stakeholder and communications management. You won’t feel like anything will be new or unknown, just more questions. Lot of questions on the before/during/after project charter. It makes sense considering the new tasks added in the Initiating process group. So spend more time on Stakeholder Management and Communication Management chapters and business case/project charter prior taking the exam.

As shared by many recently passed candidates, there is actually little or no “new” knowledge required for the new PMP® Exam 2016. The new PMP® Exam has just shifted a bit of focus to Stakeholder Management, Communications Management and Project Charter, which are top three most important tasks project managers need to know more as found in the PMI’s Role Delineation Study (RDS) in 2015.

Good luck to all of you !!

P.S.: This article is based on my discussion with few candidates who have cleared the PMP® Exam post Jan 11th, 2016.

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