My PMP® Journey and Lessons Learned

My-PMP-JourneyKnowledgeWoods Consulting conducted a webinar on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015, 04:30 PM IST

The purpose of this Webinar is to share the PMP® examination experience. After sitting before a computer answering 200 PMP® Exam questions, I am finally a certified PMP®. The whole preparation journey is both a joyful and fruitful experience for me and my professional life.

In this session, I will try and put across my lessons learned in the famous format of ITTOs adopted by PMI® for the 47 processes described in the Guide to PMBOK Fifth Edition.

This is an interactive webinar which helps participants understand PMP® Exam Prep Method as per Guide to PMBoK® Way via Inputs, Tools & Techniques & Outputs.

During the Webinar, the speaker will answer questions like:-

Inputs to Pass PMP®:-

  1. PMI® Membership.
  2. Requisite Education & Project Management Experience.
  3. An intent to Pass PMP® as quickly as possible and not delay it.

The Tools and Techniques used:-

  1. Training, Mind Maps, Assessment Tools, Performance Review, Information System, Benchmarking


  1. PMP® Exam Success, Final Product/Service/Result, Transition, Lessons Learned, Continuous Improvement

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